Yes, I am a professional boss-ass bitch…in training

I am 25 years old. I work in project management. I manage a team of 5 people. And i am starting this blog because i have a few stories to tell and a few lessons to share.

I am often telling my friends of quite frankly the most absurd stories to take place in the workplace and they have all responded with “thats hilarious but slightly worrying”. So i thought if i share them with a wider audience, other will either laugh or maybe feel not so quite alone. And without being overly dramatic, i do feel alone in my current job. I know most people think they maybe the smartest one in the room. But never before have i challenged my own thought process as much as here that “am i the only smart one and they are all dumb, or are they all smart and i am the dumb one?”.

To give you an example of the stories I have acquired, i was once shouted at in the middle of the office floor, at my desk, by a woman in her 50s, because during my review of her document (i am a reviewer of all project documentation), i suggested making a change to the ordering of the document so it flowed better. She ran up to my desk, and i got that sinking feeling where you just know you are not going to come out of this conversation the same person you are as you go in. She proceeded to tell me that she thought i was being very rude for altering her document and she was furious and insulted that she was being treated in this way. Her words. I asked if she wanted to go into a meeting room to discuss. She declined. She wanted to show me up in front of all my peers. She continued to berate me to which i said “Lisa, we need to work together in order to support each other properly and i want you to be happy with the support i am giving you” to which Lisa replied “oh do we? Do we really?” And walked off. My peers around me congratulated the way i handled the situation and said that she was in the wrong. And i do believe she was. I would never treat or talk to someone in that way and therefore i don’t expect to be talked to in that manner. After 20 mins or so, I went outside and walked around the block of the office and cried. I felt so embarrassed, so humiliated. And i knew then and there that the role i had found myself in was going to be a learning curve.

That was 6 months ago and i am a much different beast in the workplace now. Well i am a professional boss-ass bitch! So if you sound like you could find some solace in reading my workplace stories then please follow me.