Learning that you are the Boss

This post is about how i am learning that not everyone will want me to succeed with my goals and how I plan on getting over them

I joined this company around 7 months ago. I thought I was recruited for a PMO (Programme Management Office) Analyst role. First day I see the hierarchy and there it is “Hannah Young – PMO Lead”…my first management role, 2 roles up the ladder from my recruited role. I was the Team Lead of a team of 4 (1 offshore) What the fuck was i getting myself involved in. But i am young and ambitious! Hell Yeah i have just got a promotion, i have got my own team, awesome. And there is a part of me that still feels that excitement. But mostly i was naive. Its hard work establishing yourself as a Team Leader if you never had to before, a Team Leader of a team of 4 very different women and 4 women who are all considerably older than me.

To one in particular, who i will share much more stories about, Dawn was not happy about this. When she asked me how old i was and i replied with 24 (at the time) she exclaimed

“I have 11 years on you!”

The mentality that just because your older means you automatically should have a senior position of juniors is still very much alive in office politics. She makes it her mission to undermine me in front of others, cause arguments with me, and overall shower me in disrespectful behaviour.

Quite frankly it drives me up the wall. And the reason why it does; she goes against all of my professional integrity, all the professional values i believe. I believe i am focused, ambitious and level headed. Dawn is scatter brained, unmotivated and aggressive. Fantastic clash of personalities.

I refuse to let her beat me, so to her face i am unflappable. I let her have her rant about one of my meetings being meaningless to her and then I let her know that it is my meeting and i get value out of it and thats all that matters to me. I let her get angry at the fact i have stuck my oar into an activity she should be managing but has gone tits up but i let her know that i have stuck my oar in because i am the leader and shes let it go tits up.

Over the last 7 months i have had to grow confidence, assertiveness and become a boss ass bitch. And i have learnt more about capabilities that i wasnt aware i had in me.

So cheers to Dawn, for making me be the absolute boss ass bitch that I am right now in this very moment. Heres to all those collegaues who make us feel like we are beneath them but in actuality the reverse is true.

Keep doing what you are doing Dawn, be my guest!